• Boxberry Features Elegance and Grace near Farmington and the Vineyards

    StayBloomfield 082 Boxberry Features Elegance and Grace near Farmington and the Vineyards StayBloomfield 058 Boxberry Features Elegance and Grace near Farmington and the Vineyards StayBloomfield 056 Boxberry Features Elegance and Grace near Farmington and the Vineyards StayBloomfield 051 Boxberry Features Elegance and Grace near Farmington and the Vineyards StayBloomfield 085 Boxberry Features Elegance and Grace near Farmington and the Vineyards

    Boxberry is a lovely five bedroom four bath home, the perfect destination for your next visit to Charlottesville. Conveniently located in the Farmington/Ivy area, and close to the wineries of Western Albemarle.  Boxberry features en suite baths, a gourmet kitchen and a beautifully designed outdoor entertaining area with private patio and large backyard. The home’s exterior spaces have been professionally designed by a well renowned landscape architect  The sunny living area has wonderful space for relaxing and the formal living area features a piano.  A spacious kitchen features double ovens, a professional grade gas range. The kitchen has wonderful gathering space and adjacent dining area. The detached Au Pair cottage has its own kitchenette, bedroom and private bath.All of these lovely amenities are located on one level, allowing for easy access. Just ten minutes to the heart of Charlottesville and ten minutes to the vineyards of Western Albemarle, Boxberry is perfectly situated for stylish accommodations.

  • Need a Post-Holiday Getaway?

    MMMaster Need a Post Holiday Getaway?

    Happy New Year from all of us at Stay Charlottesville.  We hope you’ve all had joyful beginnings to 2013.  The holidays are a wonderful time –  filled with family and friends, entertaining, hosting guests, shopping, cooking!  Whew!  Sometimes it feels like we need a vacation from the vacation.  Wouldn’t it be nice to get away from the kitchen cluttered with Christmas leftovers or that cleaning to-do list that has grown a mile long since the in-laws left?

    Come to Charlottesville and enjoy a weekend away from it all.  We’ve fluffed the pillows and folded fresh towels for you.  All you need is a suitcase and a mind for relaxation.  Enjoy a home away from home, and don’t worry about making the beds for once.

    Our featured house this week is Maphis-Mustard, a beautiful 5 bedroom estate located in the heart of downtown. Take a luxurious bubble bath in the oversize tub or lounge with a book in the sitting room.  Stroll downtown to one of our acclaimed restaurants for dinner or catch a show at one of the concert venues.  Hurry – we only have this gorgeous home until end of summer 2013!

  • Hammocks House Photoshoot

     Hammocks House Photoshoot

    One of our newest additions to Stay Charlottesville, the Hammocks House, was recently used as a backdrop for a photoshoot with photographer Ashley Florence.  Located on a private country estate just north of downtown Charlottesville, the Hammocks House features 29 sets of beautiful French doors, working fireplaces, a luxurious pool, and a large, open chef’s kitchen.  Sleeping six in 3 bedrooms each with its own ensuite full bathroom, this home is perfect for a getaway with friends or a Charlottesville family gathering.  We’ve fallen in love with Hammocks, and we know you will too.

    Thank you, Ashley Florence, for the images. 

  • Tour: The Pryor-Haynes House

    STAYjefferson 0056 Tour: The Pryor Haynes HouseSTAYjefferson 0003 Tour: The Pryor Haynes House STAYjefferson 0025 Tour: The Pryor Haynes House STAYjefferson 0054 Tour: The Pryor Haynes House STAYjefferson 0006 Tour: The Pryor Haynes House STAYjefferson 0010 Tour: The Pryor Haynes House STAYjefferson 0015 Tour: The Pryor Haynes House STAYjefferson 0062 Tour: The Pryor Haynes House STAYjefferson 0032 Tour: The Pryor Haynes HouseSTAYjefferson 0064 Tour: The Pryor Haynes HouseSTAYjefferson 0046 Tour: The Pryor Haynes HouseSTAYjefferson 0050 Tour: The Pryor Haynes HouseSTAYjefferson 0001 Tour: The Pryor Haynes HouseSTAYjefferson 0049 Tour: The Pryor Haynes House

    Welcome to the newest addition to Stay Charlottesville – The Pryor-Haynes House!  There is so much to love about this charming, historic home in the heart of Charlottesville just a few blocks from the Downtown Mall.  Sleeping nine comfortably, the Pryor-Haynes House is the perfect getaway for your next family vacation or reunion with friends.  As you enter the beautifully styled foyer and cross into the home’s elegant interior, you’ll find an open floor plan bathed in the natural light of the surrounding windows.  Enjoy an evening at home, cooking in the full chef’s kitchen with all your guests gathered around the kitchen island, lounging in the living room, or playing a game of pool in the adjacent sunroom.  Dine in the formal dining room, take your meal outside to the deck, or take a short walk to one of the many restaurants on the mall.  As night settles in, you’ll have your choice of beds in one of four serene bedrooms, one of which is within its own suite complete with cozy living space, kitchen, and bathroom.  Come stay at The Pryor-Haynes House; if you never want to leave, we’ll understand.

    All photos thanks to Andrea Hubbell Photography

  • While you stay…learn something new in the kitchen!

    STAYchefdemo0004 While you stay...learn something new in the kitchen!

    Sometimes going out for dinner every night you’re on vacation isn’t desirable, but the thought of cooking (and the cleaning that comes with it) when you’re supposed to be relaxing isn’t appealing, either. We have another solution for you! Hire a personal chef to create a meal in your Stay Charlottesville home, either for your family or a group of friends. That’s what this group of executives, on retreat at our Crossfields property, did last weekend. Jerry Sole communicated with them before they arrived, created a menu, brought the groceries, and gave them a mixology demonstration as well as a cooking demonstration all before the party of eight settled in for a delicious, home-cooked meal.

    A Michigan native, Jerry lived for years in NYC and LA before recently relocating to Charlottesville. He trained at Le Cordon Bleu in LA, and ran a catering business there for years. Jerry and his wife, Ann, are enjoying the bustling local restaurant scene, as well as the many wineries in and around Charlottesville. One unexpected thrill is the vast food resources the area has to offer. “There is a real tie to the land here that I wasn’t expecting to find. This dedication to quality food products allows us all to enjoy a wonderful assortment of locally-grown produce, as well as really delicious everyday ingredients like fresh eggs, locally-made cheese, honey, hard cider and, best of all, properly raised and butchered meats. For me, this makes cooking especially pleasurable.”

    STAYchefdemo0014 While you stay...learn something new in the kitchen!Three-Textured Asparagus Salad

    Inspired by NYT recipe writer Mark Bittman

    This is a spring and summer salad that is surprisingly simple to prepare and always delicious. And, as the asparagus is served raw, the vegetable retains all of its nutrients.

    1 ½ to 2 pounds of asparagus will yield 2 to 4 servings.

    Begin by removing the ends of each stalk of asparagus. Snapping a stalk towards the bottom will tell you where to make the cut. Gently hold the flower end of a stalk and, using a vegetable peeler, remove the dark green outer skin of each spear. Peel a ribbon once and turn the stalk to repeat. One stalk should yield 3 to 5 ribbons, depending on its thickness. Once the stalks have been peeled, set aside the ribbons in a bowl. Next, remove the flower ends of each stalk. Add the flowers to the bowl. Finally, cut each stalk into 1 to 2-inch pieces. Bite into one of the stalk pieces. If you find the stalk it a bit too thick, slice each one in half lengthwise. Add the cut stalks into the bowl and gently mix together the three textures.

    Next, divide the asparagus into portions and place onto plates. Lightly drizzle each with a good-quality olive or walnut oil. Next, drizzle either freshly squeezed lemon juice to taste over each, or use vinegar of your choosing. Finally, shave some Parmesan cheese to taste over each, and season.

  • Our Newest Estate…Crossfields

    Dining1 Our Newest Estate...CrossfieldsLocated in the Keswick area, Crossfields is our newest estate and event property. Pull in through the gates and find privacy along with the fresh air.

    Entry Our Newest Estate...CrossfieldsCrossfields is perfect for guests of weddings being held at Keswick Vineyards or Castle Hill, executives in town looking for five star living, or just families looking for a home away from home.

    CE MasterBath Our Newest Estate...CrossfieldsGetting ready can be done in no time at all, since the property features five bedrooms all with their private baths.

    Front1 Our Newest Estate...CrossfieldsIf you appreciate the outdoors this is a great place to stay, as it features a private lake with it’s own fishing cabin so you can enjoy the serene backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains while relaxing in a canoe and catching your dinner. Enjoy swimming and outdoor dining?  Crossfields has an amazing pool and outdoor grill/dining area that makes hosting any outdoor party a breeze.