• Link: Lexi Hutchins Gallery Show- October 3rd

    — https://www.facebook.com/events/762939327078588/

    ‘From the Dirt’ is a series of works that transition from the darkness of growth into the lightness of flourishing. My work begins with intense and dark colors that are paired with a variety of textures. This series characterizes a period of experimentation, pushing boundaries, and finding success in the unexpected. As any change becomes normal, the “growing pains” became comfortable and my palate became easier, brighter, and more whimsical. As an artist, creating art has been a lesson in enjoying the process, not just placing paint on the canvas. It’s about letting roots go deep, growing tall, and finishing in beauty. Each work was made as such…and with a little bit of dirt around the edges.

    Friday, October 3rd from 5pm-8pm

    At Old Metropolitan Hall: 101 E Main St, Charlottesville, Virginia 22902

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  • Catch live entertainment when you reserve with Stay Charlottesville

    streetView Catch live entertainment when you reserve with Stay Charlottesville

    Are you planning to visit Central Virginia? We have the latest on live entertainment in Charlottesville, all within the Downtown Mall area.  Any of our Downtown properties such as Old Met #306, East Town Abode, and Old Met #201 are solid options while attending events at each of these venues. Charlottesville is very fortunate to have three theaters within a short radius of one another, giving visitors great options when visiting Central Virginia.

    Click each of the logos below for a direct link a current schedule of events:

    JBadge Catch live entertainment when you reserve with Stay Charlottesvillethe paramount logo Catch live entertainment when you reserve with Stay Charlottesvillelive arts Catch live entertainment when you reserve with Stay Charlottesville


  • Charlottesville Curated: A family friendly day on the Downtown Mall


    165968964 Charlottesville Curated: A family friendly day on the Downtown Mall


    Part of  a series giving Stay Charlottesville readers great resources in planning a visit…


    Are you looking to spend a day with your family in Charlottesville? We recommend checking out these great local destinations which give the visitor a glimpse into kid friendly options available in Charlottesville:

    Start your day spending time in a favorite destination  for kids under 12: The Virginia Discovery Museum. A hands-on children’s museum, with exhibits on the arts, sciences, humanities, history and nature, the free outdoor carousel is also a favorite: www.vadm.org/
    Eppie’s is a family friendly restaurant very close to the Discovery museum and has an outdoor patio , they are open lunch through dinner. The Mac and Cheese is a must-have: www.eatateppies.com
    After lunch take a walk westward down the Downtown Mall (a very stroller friendly area) is the lovely toy shop Alakazam that features a unique selection of  toys. See if you can guess the answer to the daily riddle that changes daily on the chalkboard in the front of the shop: www.alakazamtoys.com
    Parking for all of these activities can be found at the Market street garage, and is free for the first few hours with validation from a downtown mall business: Charlottesville Parking Center
  • First in a series giving Stay Charlottesville readers great resources in planning a visit…

    2585166821 10e1445923 Charlottesville Curated: Visiting Virginias Vineyards on the Monticello Wine Trail

    “Over half of Virginia’s 2000 vineyard acres grow within the Monticello AVA, and well over 20 wineries produce fine wines of national and international acclaim. Today, the Commonwealth of Virginia is the 5th largest producer of wine in the United States…

    The Monticello Wine Trail remains the wine world’s best kept secret, where boutique wineries produce small quantities of high-quality wines, shared with family, friends and visitors. One day our secret will be uncovered and the wine world will shine its brightest light on this region. Until then, it remains ours, yours, and Jefferson’s, The Sage of Monticello, and America’s First Wine Connoisseur.

    With this in mind, we invite you to Discover the Birthplace of American Wine.”







  • Stay Charlottesville: Your source for luxury vacation rentals with your dog.

    retro dog travel Stay Charlottesville: Your source for luxury vacation rentals with your dog.

    Are you searching for accommodations for your whole family? Do you want to enjoy all the amenities Charlottesville has to offer without leaving your dog at home? Well Stay Charlottesville is a great source for dog friendly vacation rentals!

    We welcome one dog under 60 pounds to stay in select vacation rentals in the Charlottesville area.  Take advantage of the extensive pet friendly patio dining options on the Downtown Mall, or go on an adventure with your dog in the nearby Blue Ridge Mountains. We offer a variety of luxury housing options for you and your canine. Check out our list of fully equipped, all inclusive vacation rentals in Charlottesville.

  • While you stay…learn something new in the kitchen!

    STAYchefdemo0004 While you stay...learn something new in the kitchen!

    Sometimes going out for dinner every night you’re on vacation isn’t desirable, but the thought of cooking (and the cleaning that comes with it) when you’re supposed to be relaxing isn’t appealing, either. We have another solution for you! Hire a personal chef to create a meal in your Stay Charlottesville home, either for your family or a group of friends. That’s what this group of executives, on retreat at our Crossfields property, did last weekend. Jerry Sole communicated with them before they arrived, created a menu, brought the groceries, and gave them a mixology demonstration as well as a cooking demonstration all before the party of eight settled in for a delicious, home-cooked meal.

    A Michigan native, Jerry lived for years in NYC and LA before recently relocating to Charlottesville. He trained at Le Cordon Bleu in LA, and ran a catering business there for years. Jerry and his wife, Ann, are enjoying the bustling local restaurant scene, as well as the many wineries in and around Charlottesville. One unexpected thrill is the vast food resources the area has to offer. “There is a real tie to the land here that I wasn’t expecting to find. This dedication to quality food products allows us all to enjoy a wonderful assortment of locally-grown produce, as well as really delicious everyday ingredients like fresh eggs, locally-made cheese, honey, hard cider and, best of all, properly raised and butchered meats. For me, this makes cooking especially pleasurable.”

    STAYchefdemo0014 While you stay...learn something new in the kitchen!Three-Textured Asparagus Salad

    Inspired by NYT recipe writer Mark Bittman

    This is a spring and summer salad that is surprisingly simple to prepare and always delicious. And, as the asparagus is served raw, the vegetable retains all of its nutrients.

    1 ½ to 2 pounds of asparagus will yield 2 to 4 servings.

    Begin by removing the ends of each stalk of asparagus. Snapping a stalk towards the bottom will tell you where to make the cut. Gently hold the flower end of a stalk and, using a vegetable peeler, remove the dark green outer skin of each spear. Peel a ribbon once and turn the stalk to repeat. One stalk should yield 3 to 5 ribbons, depending on its thickness. Once the stalks have been peeled, set aside the ribbons in a bowl. Next, remove the flower ends of each stalk. Add the flowers to the bowl. Finally, cut each stalk into 1 to 2-inch pieces. Bite into one of the stalk pieces. If you find the stalk it a bit too thick, slice each one in half lengthwise. Add the cut stalks into the bowl and gently mix together the three textures.

    Next, divide the asparagus into portions and place onto plates. Lightly drizzle each with a good-quality olive or walnut oil. Next, drizzle either freshly squeezed lemon juice to taste over each, or use vinegar of your choosing. Finally, shave some Parmesan cheese to taste over each, and season.